Domains for Sale

The following domains names are from previous projects and may be available for sale. You can contact us via email or (in some cases) use the Sedo link. The rest of our domain names, i.e. about 95% of all our domains are not for sale. Thank you.

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Real Estate Domains   Dakota Realtor   San Francisco Estate   Texas Real Properties   Mortgagor

Health & Medicine   Anti-Febrile (Anti-Fever)   Anti-Fever   Anti-Virotic (Anti-Virus)   $100 (fixed price) Celeb Clinic   Obstetric

Finance   Loan Provision Sedo   C-Debt (Credit / Consolidate / Collect)   Quick Loan Advisor   Mortgagor   Stock Brokerage   Credit Repair Primer
Federal-Income-Tax.comit   Federal Income Tax   Sedo

Law   New Yorker Attorney   Law New York City

Interesting   High Proof

Short Names   Bijk   $100 (fixed price) Wax-B

Other   Phone Price Plan   Weight Loss Courses   PPC Creator




You can contact us via our contact form or big directly via Sedo.

English Dicitionary One Word Domains   Specifical   Spearer   Poloist (Polo Player / Water Polo Player)   Researchist   Mortgagor   Administrational   Surveyal (Survey)   Hygienical (Hygienic)   Philatelical (Philatelic)   Trademarking (trademark) Sedo   Botanist   Allergist   Fibre Sedo   Offerings   Amenity   Funicular Sedo   Lodgement Sedo   Ghostwriting Sedo   Obstetric   Affiliating   Offshoring   Purificator Sedo   Barterer Sedo   Supermodel / Modeling   Bodega

Freight & Forwarding   American Forwarding   Freight Broking   Freight-ist (Freight Specialist)   Shipping-ton   US Forwarding   Transport In

Travel & Geography   Tourist Resorts   Travel Africa   Tourist Resorts   Lodgement   Lodgment   DKI Jakarta Sedo

Business & Marketing   Marketing Instrument   Inventorial (Inventory / Invention)   Accept Credit Card

Spanish Language (Español)   prestamista (moneylender) (insolvency, bankruptcy) Sedo   prestar (lend/lending)   palabra (word)   televisor (TV set)   bodega (wine cellar, grocery store)   esquiar (ski/skiing)   ofrecer (offer, provide)   occidente (west)   plátano (banana) Sedo   pasaje (flight/ticket) Sedo   hermosas (beauties) Sedo   jóvenes (young people) Sedo

German Language (Deutsch)   Kopfweh (headache)   Tages-Klinik  
Kredit-Hilfe Sedo reserve met   Kredit-Hilfe Sedo   Asiaten (Asians) Sedo

French Language (Français)   Anti-douleur (anti-pain)   Africain (African)   juristes (lawyers) Sedo   patates (potatoes) Sedo

Italian Language (Italiano)   modella (model) Sedo

Dutch Language (Nederlands)   artsen (physicians) Sedo

Polish Language (Polski)   depresja (depression) Sedo   wirus (virus) Sedo   uzdrowisko (spa)   sutek (breast) Sedo   telewizor (TV set) Sedo

Hungarian Language (Magyar)   kaszino (casino) Sedo



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Aged Companies for Sale - Delaware LLC

Shelf company - unused LLC from 2001    $4000
Shelf company - unused LLC from 2007    $990


We usually create 3-5 different domain names for our clients and they choose the one they like most. The other domains are usually used in suitable projects in the future or sold. (Minimum offer is $50.) The Delaware companies are also from previous project. Contact us for more info.

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